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Small dinghy moored at a jetty

Trying to repair a dinghy is no easy task. Without the right skills and tools, there's always a chance you'll make the problem worse. Using the dinghy repair service we offer at Anything Fibre Glass, you can make your life easier.


Is your dinghy sea-worthy? When it's starting to show signs of disrepair, you're better off asking a professional than taking unnecessary risks. Call us and our mobile dinghy repair service will be at your side in no time.

As far as boat repairs in Plymouth go, our service couldn't be more convenient. When you call us, we'll visit your boat for a free consultation. Whether you need colour matching or rebuilding, we can help.

Dinghy repairs

Sea-worthy dinghies

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Boat repairs in Plymouth

Newly repaired and painted fibreglass dinghy Newly repaired fibreglass dinghy Small sailing craft on a beach

Trying to repair a dinghy?